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Trend spotter

Dare and Drink

Dare & Drink shakes up the wines & spirits up, identifies emerging trends, creates brands with character, atypical and authentic brands, always locally anchored and promoting their terroir.

An enthusiasm shared with our customers


Key player in your market, you are brand builders by essence and we want to become your solution maker with awesome NPD process. 

Together we continuously push our brands forward by creating highly qualitative content and briging you more solutions.


Passionate mixologists always ken on novelties, our products help you unleash your creativity. Real trend maker we watch your own recipes and ingredients to listent and to understand your needs of tomorrow.

Liquor stores

Always passionate, high-end ambassadors, we feel your quest of products that are both atypical and utterly genuine.


Complementary, but essential to your guests delight, the wines & spirits that we create aims at matching your cuisine singularity and help creating that sense of conviviality while promoting your cuisine.

Why working with us ?

Spotting Emerging Trends

We focus on low signals from the field and identify untapped opportunities

Launching unique and promising concepts

We dare launching atypical and authentic concepts, always based on a know-how and local ingredients, adding the 2 elements that make our signature: a crazy twist and an affordable luxury positioning.

Crazy twist
+ Affordable Luxury

A signature convincing 

the consumer to follow us

with off piste and precise marketing

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