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Bartavelle :
Spirit of the South

Bartavelle is a handcrafted collection of flavoured gin, distilled with herbs and fruits from the South of France :

  • Strawberry from Provence and Rhubarbe

  • Mediterranean Grapefruit and Rosemary

  • Peach from Provence and Verbena

Distribution under construction

to go closer

of today's consumer

Launched in the summer of 2022, Bartavelle aims to target markets close to today's consumers and their habits to become part of their daily lives.

Regional fruit ambassador

True ambassador of the fruits of the region:

We collaborate with a distillery located in Drome Provencale, in the south of France with a monastic know-how in the distillation of fruits and herbs from the region. We are modernizing this 12th century heritage to introduce the richness of our terroir to the new generation and to the world of mixology.

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