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Our brands

Our brands bring ancestral know-how up to date through on field knowledge and significant work on the underlying trends of our categories. We are looking for players aligned with our project as well as our way of working, and we select those producers to deliver exciting and attractive references.


We want all our partners to be true supporters of our brands and proud to work with us.

We enjoy building partnerships that lead to shared success for the community.

This sharing of common values is reflected in the words and terms used by our partners to define us:

« An inter-team collaboration based on trust and dynamic exchanges. »

by Marion Vial, Gilardi

 « A young, daring and dynamic team; and moreover, friendly. »

by Cathy Cantone, Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

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12 plants including 6 from Provence that combine to make every day a celebration where the present moment is perfect.


When the MISTRAL wind blows,

the whole spirit of Provence carries you away…

in a unique desire to look on the bright side and enjoy life.

Bartavelle is a handcrafted collection of flavoured gin, distilled with herbs and fruits from the South of France.


BARTAVELLE wants to follow all those who aspire

to happiness and enjoy quality time

with friends and family.

CINTU represents the strength of the Corsican

character as well as the typicity of this island : wines from native grape varieties, with racy, generous profiles,


CINTU follows those who love life. Those who dare the adventure to live unique and memorable times.


Suppliers involved in our adventure

« Our values draw their source from the Corsican terroir and its authentic and "family" character.

Our DNA has also always been geared towards innovation and technology, where the collective is in this sense a formidable vector of creativity.
DARE AND DRINK is today our privileged partner because I think that we precisely share the same thirst for discovery and creation.»

Christophe Paitier

General director

Aghione - France (CINTU)

« In thirty years of career in wines and spirits,
the “Bartavelle” brand is the most successful project
and successful both on the intrinsic level of the product and the packaging and this in a very fragmented gin market… »

Frédérique Fichet 

General Director

Eyguebelle - France (Bartavelle)

Our next brands are already in our minds,
so let's talk about it !

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