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Café avec des plantes

Disrupt the category

& create unique brands

So what’s
Dare & Drink ?

Dare & Drink shakes up the wines & spirits up, identifies emerging trends, creates brands with character, atypical and authentic brands, always locally anchored and promoting their terroir.

  • We focus on low signals from the field and identify untapped opportunities.

  • We dare launching atypical and authentic concepts, always based on a know-how and local ingredients, adding the 2 elements that make our signature: a crazy twist and an affordable luxury positioning

  • This translates into brands with character offering products that are both super yummy and super well made.

  • Last, we strive to support you a great marketing toolboxes and are always happy to create the extra tools you need to create awareness and conquer the hearts of the consumers with our brands.

Bartavelle gin artisanal aromatisé

Our mission: 


Know your Customer

Our unique brands enable the consumer:

  • To shine bright when they bring such a distinctive brand with wow packagings

  • To appear as an expert, democratising unusual terroirs

  • To share truly happy moments

Copie de MistralGin_Jan_Fév.jpg

Pleasure &


Proximity with
the ground

Expert of the terroirs


Be a trendy

MistralGin_Jan_Fév31 (1).jpg

Join us and be part of this journey

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